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Matters relating to Annual General Meeting 2021

Dear Members,


According to the requirements under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the Annual General Meeting of Saint Paul’s Co-educational College Alumni Association Limited (“SPCCAA”) is required to be held on or before 31 March 2021.


The Executive Committee is currently working in preparation for the holding of the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance while also in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines on prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic. The Notice of Annual General Meeting will be issued to all members of SPCCAA (“Members”) soon.


Election of Executive Committee Members


Under the Articles of Association of SPCCAA (the “Articles”), at each Annual General Meeting, the six longest serving members of the Executive Committee since their election or re-election shall retire. The election of Executive Committee members shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.


Members who would like to stand for election as Executive Committee members are required by the Articles to submit their notices of candidature to the Honorary Secretary. Such notice of candidature must be endorsed by the candidate (“Candidate”) confirming his or her willingness to serve on the Executive Committee if elected.  The following information will be required for submission together with the notice of candidature:


(1) Names and signatures of five Members supporting the Candidate;


(2) Personal information of the Candidate including name, email, contact mobile number,  SPCC class year, occupation and relevant qualifications; and


(3) Election manifesto setting out (i) his or her experience in servicing SPCCAA’s subcommittees, (ii) what he or she hopes to achieve whilst in the role as Executive Committee member and (iii) why Members should vote for him or her. Election manifesto should be limited to one single-sided A4 size using font size not smaller than size 12 Times New Roman. Any additional information beyond such one single-sided A4 page may not be included in the information pack to be circulated to Members.


The Honorary Secretary may require additional information to be provided by the Candidate where necessary.


Whilst under the Articles, the abovementioned notice of candidature shall be given to the Honorary Secretary not less than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting, interested Members are urged to submit their notice of candidature together with the requisite information to the Honorary Secretary as soon as possible by 22 January 2021 for preparation and despatch of the relevant materials for the up-coming Annual General Meeting as scheduled. The notice and information may be submitted either by email to or by post to SPCCAA’s registered office at 33 Macdonnell Road, Hong Kong.


Appointment by Proxy


We will act in the interests of all stakeholders’ health and safety in response to COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has adopted various measures on prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to the Government's recent guidelines and requirements put in place on social distancing and to reduce gatherings, and to protect our Members, we strongly encourage the Members to appoint the chairman of the Annual General Meeting as their proxy to attend and vote on your behalf at the Annual General Meeting.  Physical attendance in person is in fact not necessary for such purposes. The proxy form will be sent out together with the Notice of Annual General Meeting.


The Executive Committee will continue to follow the latest guidelines and restrictions with respect to the holding of the Annual General Meeting announced by the Government between now and the date of the Annual General Meeting.


Meanwhile, may I take this opportunity to wish all our Members a happy and safe New Year.


Andrew Luk


Saint Paul’s Co-educational College Alumni Association


8 January 2021