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AGM 2021 Result

Present and Voting

(either in person or by proxy)

Voted FOR the Resolution Voted AGAINST the Resolution
Ordinary Resolutions Number of Votes Percentage (%) Number of Votes Percentage (%)
Resolution No. 1 606 99.67 2 0.33
Resolution No. 2 607 99.84 1 0.16
Resolution No. 3 606 99.67 2 0.33
Resolution No. 4 As the number of candidates equaled the vacancies to be filled, the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting declared all candidates be duly elected in accordance with article 22(d)(iii) of the Articles of Association, and the procedures in sub-paragraphs (i) and (ii) of article 22(d) of the Articles of Association would not be followed. Hence, voting relating to election for the six seats in the Executive Committee was not required.
Special Resolution Number of Votes Percentage (%) Number of Votes Percentage (%)
Resolution No. 5 543 89.46 64 10.54

It was resolved that the members of the 2021 Executive Committee be as follows:


1.         Luk Wing Kee Andrew

2.         Leung Wing Ci Winnie

3.         Gaw Christina

4.         Yang Hoi Ti Heidi

5.         Pang Tsun Loy Michael

6.         Chan Kai On, Paul

7.         Chau Bik Yee, Peggy

8.         Cheng Yan Ying, Grace

9.         Hung Fan Ngai, Ivan

10.      Hung Viola

11.      Lee Chien

12.      Leong Wang To, Philip

13.      Leung Heung Ying Sabrina

14.      Leung Lai Mei, Lucilla

15.      Leung Man Chi Ada

16.      Leung Sing Wing, Vincent

17.      Ma Ching Nam

18.      Ma Kar Yau Caroline

19.      Mak Hoi Hung, Michael

20.      Poon Siu Chi Frederick

21.      Sitt Ching Man Jacqueline

22.      So Ho Ching, Paul

23.      Chan Hau Ngai Kingsley

24.      Leung Cheuk Man, Jason

25.      Li Ka Fai David

26.      Pong Sum Yee Samanta

27.      Wan Ho Yin Bruce

28.      Wong Tye Loy Wilfred