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Chairman's Message


Dear fellow alumni,


Sports have always been a great unifier, and connecting through sports allows us to break away from our daily routines and engage in a shared activity that promotes teamwork, camaraderie and mutual support. It gives us an opportunity to challenge ourselves and experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles as a team. All these are essential skills in our personal and professional lives.


This issue of the Newsletter features the Oxfam Trailwalker 2023 in which SPCCAA had sent two teams to participate. The Trailwalker is a renowned fundraising and endurance event that requires teams of four individuals to complete the 100-kilometer Hong Kong MacLehose Trail within 48 hours. It tests not only our physical stamina but also mental strength and teamwork.


Three cheers for our two teams of fantastic trailwalkers who completed the race successfully! It is a testament to their endurance, unwavering determination and personal growth. Meanwhile, they could not have done it without the dedicated support team of over 30 members, giving warm encouragement and providing nourishments at the checkpoints. Many supported and walked alongside the teams during nighttime to motivate them and keep them awake. This event holds a special place in my heart as I was on the support team as well, supporting at three checkpoints for a total of 12 hours. The whole experience was an incredible bonding time reconnecting with fellow alumni while building trust, coordination and effective communication. Not only did we relive the memories of our old days at SPCC, but it also reminded us of the power of determination, resilience and the strong bond that our alumni share.


Looking ahead, I would like to invite you to attend our popular Spring Dinner in April and our much anticipated Alumni Choir concert in May 2024. The theme of the concert is “Initium Novum” which in Latin means “new beginnings”. It is a fitting theme as it symbolises a fresh start in our musical journey – as our last concert was before COVID-19 in 2019. It is our great pleasure to have the SPCC Symphony Orchestra, SPCC Camerata String Orchestra and the Alumni Children’s Choir as guest performers.


I look forward to seeing you in our upcoming events and activities.


Winnie Leung 梁詠詩 (1985)

SPCC Alumni Association