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The Passion in Serving Others
“Apart from being positively influenced by my senior family members, I have learnt from SPCC and its faculty the meaning of ‘giving’
and how important it is to contribute back to the community in whatever means we have. We must also constantly strive for the
better and achieve every goal with passion. SPCC education has truly inspired me to create a better future for the most vulnerable
members of our society – our children,”
says Jacqueline.
Our alma mater has a long tradition of encouraging students to develop a passion to life by serving the underprivileged. Many of our
fellow alumni have become founding members or devotees of various charitable organisations.
To commemorate the upcoming Centenary Celebration of SPCC, we have the honour to talk to three distinguished alumni. They
are Jacqueline Chow (1993) of Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC), Amy Li (1971) of Hong Kong Guide
Dogs Association (HKGDA) and Vanessa Pong (1987) of LoveFaithHope Charitable Foundation (LFH) and Live to Love, to share
their passion in serving others.
Ms Jacqueline Chow
(Executive Committee
Member of HKSPC)
Jacqueline’s connection with HKSPC goes back several generations. Her
great grandmother, Mrs May Woo, was one of the founders; and her mother,
Mrs Patricia Li Chow, was actively involved in the charity for more than 20
years. Jacqueline has served as a fundraising committee member for more
than 12 years before she was invited to join HKSPC’s Executive Committee
and the Joint Management and Finance Sub-committee.
HKSPC was founded in 1926, with
t he mi ss i on o f p rov i d i ng f o r and
promoting the care, education and social
development of children and families
in partnership with the community.
I t s t r i v e s t o h e l p Ho n g K o n g ’s
underprivileged children grow up in a
healthy, happy and safe environment.
As HKSPC is only partially subsidised
by the Government, it relies heavily on
direct donations – as well as various
fund-raising events – to meet the needs
of Hong Kong’s children. All funds raised
will go directly to support operations at
its 27 centres, which care for over 3,000
children every day.
Together with Leung Wing Ci Winnie (1985), Chairlady of the Community Service Programmes of SPCCAA,
Jacqueline has lined up community service programmes at HKSPC for fellow alumni to participate in for
the past six years. Aside from HKSPC, Jacqueline also serves on the board of YWCA, SAHK and Ebenezer
School & Home for the Visually Impaired.
For details and volunteer opportunities, please visit HKSPC website at
Ma Kwai Ching Jennifer (1991) and Winnie Leung (2002)
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