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Interview with Miss Ruth Lee Law Tak
Miss Ruth Lee Law Tak, or simply known as Miss Lee to us in our student days at SPCC, was our Biology teacher from Form 3 to
Upper 6. She was the one who taught us about ferns and mosses, phloem and xylem, as well as androecium and gynoecium. She
supervised the dissection of earthworms, dogfishes and cockroaches (which our beloved janitor
“harvested” from the
school canteen). In addition, her renowned Biology notes were instrumental in getting us through the School Certificate and A-level
After her retirement, she migrated to Canada. For many years, I had the privilege of caring for her as her family physician in
Vancouver, until I moved back to Hong Kong in 1997. It was during that period of time that I really got to know her and admire her
as a person and not just a teacher.
I was thrilled to have an opportunity to visit and interview her during my visit to Vancouver in December 2014. I am grateful to
Henry Wong (1975) and Anthony Lau (1974), executives of the Vancouver Alumni Chapter, for organising this interview and putting
everything on videotape.
Dr Philip Leong (1965)
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