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SPCCAA Souvenir Booth on
Homecoming Day
Alumni Homecoming Day 2015
So Ming Vee Charmaine (1990)
It was my honour to serve in the souvenir booth on the 2014
Homecoming Day, which was held on 13 December 2014. This
nostalgic and joyous occasion was flooded by alumni from the
graduating years of 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1995, 2000, 2005
and 2010.
As our booth was located on the first floor outside the new
School Hall with the basketball court and main corridor in the
vicinity, we attracted almost everyone attending the event. Not
only did I meet enthusiastic alumni who have just returned from
overseas for the Christmas break but also a few young alumni
couples and their children. Some of the families that I met are
alumni for generations. They come from different walks of life,
but they all have very strong bonding to our alma mater. Many
of them are in fact life members of SPCCAA.
The sales of our souvenir were great. The most popular item
was the Octopus card holder. It was sold out quickly and our
team had to re-stock several times for the event. With the
centenary celebration coming up, there will be an even more
exciting array of souvenirs available for our keepsake.
I enjoyed the event to the fullest and very much look forward to
helping on the next Homecoming Day!
Alumni Homecoming Day 2015 will be held on Saturday, 12 December, in the afternoon at St. Paul’s Co-educational College.
Classes whose graduating years end in “1” or “6” and also classes whose graduating years end in “0” or “5” but missed the
2014 homecoming event are welcome to join. SPCC also welcomes overseas alumni who will be in Hong Kong on that day
to join in the fun.
Please contact your Class Representatives or Community Relations Office of the School at (852) 2523 0087 or email to
for registration and information.
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