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Ms Amy Li
(Founding Member and
Business Executive of
Amy Li is a founding member
of the Board of Directors
of Hong Kong Guide Dogs
Association, an organisation
with a mission that supports
the idea of independent living
in a barrier-free society for all
residents of Hong Kong. They provide free service for people with
visual impairment, autism or other disabilities to enhance their
independence and improve their life through the provision of a
professionally trained dog.
It was a pleasant surprise to find out that not only was Vanessa
Pong an alumna of SPCC, she has also been invited by the former
headmistress Ms Lee Tuen Yee to teach at SPCC Primary School for
many years.
“I have always been drawn to education and children. I grew up in
a big family that values family, tradition, and education – both of my
grandfathers established schools for the underprivileged, and my
mother was a principal of a school,”
says Vanessa.
“To nourish empathy in children, it is utmost important for students
to not just consider serving others as another extracurricular activity,
but as a part of their life.”
Being a teacher at SPCCPS had inspired
Vanessa to start up the LoveFaithHope Charitable Foundation in 2003
through which she has organised numerous field trips for students to
visit underprivileged families in Xinjiang and other cities in China.
Ms Vanessa Pong
(Chief Executive of LoveFaithHope Charitable
Foundation and President of Live to Love
Hong Kong and Live to Love Asia)
“The SPCC motto – Faith, Hope and Love, is a huge
influence on my involvement with HKGDA as these three
words are also very relevant to this
charitable organisation,”
says Amy.
For details and volunteer opportunities,
please visit HKGDA website at www.
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