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SPCCAA Souvenirs 2023


SPCCAA souvenirs


The SPCCAA Souvenir Shop carries a whole host of souvenir items which are available for sale from time to time. If any of you happen to be sourcing for souvenir items, be it for personal everyday use or for different occasions and functions, it may save you a lot of hassle if you would just drop by the Alumni Association Office, check out the souvenir items carried and place an order. What better gift to give to your cherished ones than one bearing the school badge of our Alma Mater. With a mug or a photo frame in our work station, or clad in a T-shirt walking down the street, embossed with our school badge, we are so proud to tell the whole world we are part of ST. PAUL'S CO-ED and, to quote Principal Poon, we are the best!.


If you would like to purchase souvenirs, please contact SPCC Alumni Association at (852) 2877-2885.




Standard Auto Compact Umbrella

HK$150.00 each


Tote Bag

29.8cm (L) x 34cm (H) x 11cm (D)

Handle 21cm (H)

HK$150.00 each


Water Bottle

CamelBak Chute 0.75L

Size: 25cm (H)

HK$150.00 each


Ceramic Mug

Size: 35 cmx 75cm, ceramic

HK$88.00 each


PowerBank (SPCC)

Size: 6.85cm x 10.5cm, 5000mAh

HK$180.00 each

luggage tag

Luggage Tag

Size: 9 cmx 9 cm

HK$40.00 each

luggage tag


Size: 6.85cm x 10.5cm, 5000mAh

HK$180.00 each

luggage tag

Sports Towel w/ Zip-pocket

Size: 28cm x 109cm

Colour: Blue / White

HK$70.00 each